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Wills...Don't DIY!

Mark Goodson
Senior Trust & Estate Practitioner and Joint Department Head

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Wills...Don't DIY!

In England and Wales, anyone can make a Will. You can buy your own “make a Will kit” from places like the Post Office and large stationers for very small sums, often less than £10. So how hard can it be? Why should people pay much more to a solicitor to prepare it when they can do it themselves for next to nothing?

Well, the fact is that the Will itself is not what costs the money, and what you are actually paying for is the advice that leads to the production of it. Doing it yourself is actually likely to cause many problems for your heirs, all of which you will be completely unaware of as you will be dead! One of the most common questions we are asked is “How much is a Will?” to which we usually respond with “It depends. If your affairs are simple, then a Will for one person starts at £195 and husband and wife mirror Wills £325, both plus VAT.” The conversation will then generally go something like this.

Client: “Oh yes, it will be simple. We just want something simple to protect us and the children.”

Us: “Ok, Do you own your own home?”

Client: “Yes.”

Us: “If you were to die, and your spouse were to subsequently either remarry or go into long term residential or nursing care, would you want to protect your half of the property for your children?”

Client: “Yes, that sounds like a good idea!”

Us: “Then maybe it’s not so simple.”

Without knowing what’s possible to achieve with some proper Will and estate planning, you could be storing up some problems for your family. The investment of a few hundred pounds now could save many thousands in legal costs later.

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